Tending the Garden

While working the garden, Saint Francis of Assissi was asked what he would do if the second coming of Christ was going to occur that day. He said he would continue working in the garden.

Likewise, we should be mindful of the signs of the times, all the while doing God's work. Working our jobs, loving our spouse, raising families, and helping others.

"For not even the son knows the time assigned by the Father," referring to the end of the world.

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Evil Politician - one of many

 When the fat hits the fire?     
If you don't pray for the repose of the soul of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, or Mao TseTung - Why would you so do for this one?
You know -
-  this man who worried about illegals drowing in the Rio Grande ,not aware of the irony considering Mary Jo K.
 -  this man who savaged the reputations of Judge Bork and others who did not buy  into his ideology or agreed to the taxpayers funding of his  "dreams.
 -   This man who is responsible for the millions of deaths through abortion,  (The Hyannisport meetings to push abortion among "Catholic politicians ).
This man was evil in his actions.  If he was not possessed,  then he was evil.
He may have been at peace at his death.  But unless he sincerely repudiated all the evil he did, where do think Ted Kennedy ends up. ?

We have a moral responsibility to judge the moral behavior of others—but only if we are humbly aware that we will sometimes be dead wrong and never totally right. We must remember that our ability to judge is limited and especially that we are sinful people who will ourselves, one day, come under judgment.

 Jesus was "judgmental"  If Jesus wanted people to not be "judgmental" or judge other people's sin, He certainly did not take His own advice. In fact, Jesus often told people how to behave and specifically told them not to sin.5 If Jesus really did not want people to be judgmental, why was He that way Himself?

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      Photo from John Paul's BSA Eagle Project which repainted & reorganized the St.Vincent De Paul pantry>

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