We hope to be humorous when QUESTIONING AUTHORITY.
At times we will use parody or satire without being too transparent, akin to a certain radio personality imitating the puffed-up media prognosticators.

We definitely question the Religous Left's hold on mass media and the pass it gives to "those who want to control us." We will question enviromental warnings of doom, worried about that movement being highjacked by "those who ant to control us." We question the authority of the U.S. and state Supreme Courts as final arbiter of the laws, practically replacing the legislatures as lawmakers. We question the scope of government and the ursurpation of power into non-responsive governmental bodies: local, state, federal, and international regulatory bodies.

We believe in limited government, parental rights (especially in disciplining their children), the gift of life for the unborn, sick, and the elderly.
We believe in the freedom for moral people to associate with moral people in non-sectarian settings (ie: the BSA), despite attacks from the moral-phobes.
Free enterprise is the best we can do with man's orignal sin.

True free trade can only occur when each country trading has similar cost-of-living, similar "living" wages, etc. Hence, we will question "free-trade" policy while acknowleging there are countries that have unique products that should be traded despite iniquities.
Capital is made possible by labor.
We will question why corporate executives get extremely generous bonuses while those who carry out the work do not get correspondent bonuses.
The Bible, the Nicene Creed, and Ecumenism
The Nicene Creed along with the Bible sums up our core belief. We will go beyond the literal understanding of the Bible and zero in on the importance of its moral teaching. We understand that what God allowed man in His earliest Revelations was not allowed man in later Scriptures. Earlier morality has been transcended by the morality of later Scripture. Our understanding of God grows though rooted in the Judeo-Christian Bible.
We welcome biblical and orthodox teachings from anywhere in the Christian Church. We will welcome teachings from our Protestant brothers and from our brothers of the First Testament, the Jews to help us understand them as well as what God desires of us.
But the site-manager, James E. Unger, is a devout Roman Catholic. He will try to keep any of his comments in support of the Roman Catholic magisterium.
We feel that the Religious Left has used polarization against those who believe that God has authority over man. Hence we feel free to use verbal polarization against their concepts.

Hyperbole will also be used.
For example (zum Beispiel):

Eine Firma,
Eine Regierung,
Eine Welt.
Und wenn man arbeitlos
wird er lebenlos,
und die ganze Familie damit.
Keine surplus Bevolkerung!

One company,
One government,
One world.
And when one's jobless,
becomes he ___________,
and the entire family therewith,
No surplus population!