Remembering and Awaiting

Getting rid of God who was revealed in the Bible
The 20th Century's 125-million PLUS killed by various "human-isms" were caused by the conscious and unconscious carrying-out of Nietzchean creative-will-to-power.
The hate-speech and repugnant a/immorality of many modern artists also flows from Nietzchean arrogance.

"Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

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The Black Book of Communism:
Crimes, Terror, Repression

Such is the title of the book published by Harvard Press and written by
Stephan Courtois, Nicolas Werth, Jean-Louis Panne, Andrezej Pazkowski,
Karel Bartosek, and Jean-Louis Margolin

Excerpts from the Home News Tribune review:
"When this book was published in France, it immediately became a best seller."
The heart of the "Black Book" is a compilation and description of the slaughters
Visited upon populations around the world by communist dictators in the 20th Century.
- USSR: 20 -to- 30 million deaths
- China : 65 million
- North Korea: 2 million
- Vietnam: 1 million
- Cambodia: 2 million
- Eastern Europe: 1 million
- Latin America: 150,000.
- Africa: 1.7 million
- Afghanistan: 1.5 million
- Red parties not in power: 10,000.
"Why such a deafening silence from the academic world regarding the communist catastrophe which touched the livers on one-third of humanity on four continents during a period spanning eighty years?"
"Cupidity, spineless, vanity, fascination with power, violence, and revolutionary fervor"
"We now know for certain because of the opening of the Kremlin file cabinets that Alger Hiss, and many other Americans, including members of Congress, spied for or worked for the Soviets in America."
"Are these revelations embarrassing?"

My comments: We should not forgot these hundreds of millions.
There is a monument in Bloomingdale, Illinois at St. Andrew's Ukranain Orthodox Church with a monument to the 9-million Ukranians starved by "Uncle Joe Stalin."

Next time you are driving down Army Trail Road, just east of Glen Ellyn Road, drive to the southern part of the parking lot and pay your respects.

And educate your children, that evil comes also from the Left, not just the so-called Right.


2003: What was. 2004: What May Come to Pass
We can NOT appease evil in the name of Mercy.*Yet some urge that to our peril. Not confronting terrorism in fear of provoking angry reaction buys us little time, no thanks, and our eventual demise. In the just war against worldwide terrorism, be advised that as battles still rage, we are all still at risk! Great harm can still happen. 

Prayer warriors through intercessory prayers, which are golden bowls of incense,  can steer God's armies of angels to protect us (Ephesians)





I address the following to the institutional Church-at-large, not withstanding the good clergy and religious within it and the Spirit's inspired election of Pope John Paul II.

Many succeed in promoting the Faith & morality.  Yet many are complicit in decadence.

 Here's my thesis, which should be posted on my Church doors, except the nails would break glass.  This thesis is addressed to the Catholic Church and its daughter Churches, which should have competency in areas of moral formation but instead engage in controversies on which it seems to have nothing to add but naive, uniformed, unsupported and wishful opinions. 

THESIS to the Church:

Do NOT appease Evil in the name of Mercy.Renew your original Missions. 

1) War and World Affairs

 Just because the former Iraqi government minister under Saddam Hussein, Tariq Aziz, an Assyrian Catholic had your diplomatic ear, some Vatican diplomats bought into his argument that economic sanctions and war against Saddam Hussein were unjust. Did the Church become an unknowing accomplice in Saddam's "reign-of-terror?"  (The U.N. a knowing accomplice of Saddam in the "Food-for-Oi" program.) To compound this error your Cardinal Martino had the nerve to criticize the U.S. government's treatment of Saddam at capture.   How should one treat a Mao TseTung, a Stalin, a Hitler, a Pol Pot, or the perpetuators of the French Reign of Terror?

You need to repent of these errors and learn how to think like a wolf while actually defending the sheep per the Apostle Paul's dictum.


The Vatican's signature on the U.N. Treaty on Children showed its sometime ignorance of how the world works and especially how anti-Christian the "New World Order" works.    The U.S. has refused to sign and hopefully will forever refuse to sign this treaty.  We know that this would open the door to litigious lawyers who will prevent parents for disciplining their children (with spankings and other methods) and try to keep their kids away from predators.


But kudos to the Vatican in alliance with the former George W. Bush administration and Islamic countries in its fight against the U.N.'s attempt to force the "right" to abortion on all countries.


WARJ esus was not called to physically defend innocent women and children, but some of us are called to do so.   The Church should support their mission without posing impossible minutiae of moral tests to their performance of war or their punishment of the guilty. Jesus died for our sins.   Not us!  We are not expected to sacrificially die for our and the world's sins: Jesus already paid the price with His death. We may have to give our lives for the Faith, but don't ask Christians and their societies to sit by and watch innocents being slaughtered and declare peace, while having the capability to fight!   The two situations are not the same:  "not defending oneself while witnessing for the Faith" and the "physical defense of the innocent."  Do not condemn the just war's tactics against terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere, for you are condemning the just in making a moral equivalence between Good and Evil.  Thank the U.S. for waging war against the Nazis, though the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. 

Ignoring terrorism and not confronting it, because it would provoke an angry reaction only buys one little time, no thanks, and eventual demise.

The Church should know its core area of competence, and then only cautiously advise others.  The Spirit is tested not only within institutional Church settings. 

2) "Peace & Justice" Commissions focus should not be "peace = pacificistic surrender."


Did Cardinal Martino forget Pope Paul VI's dictum, "if you want peace, work for justice?" 

There'd be no chance of Iraqi peace without Saddam's removal, which is justice!   The number of innocents killed in this war would be already outnumbered by Saddam's ongoing executions. 


 Peace is not the war's absence, but the rough ability to live in just order with others.   If criminals are unpunished, there can be no justice: no peace.  


"Peace & Justice" people state that U.S. warfare never solves anything, but U.S. warfare serves mostly justice!  Otherwise we would have slaves and non-elected representatives in London, and still suffer Communist Russia along with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. 


As Saddam Hussein faces death:  don't tell me about death penalty's wrongfulness.  While I "may" personally turn-my-cheek; whole societies turning-the-cheek become criminals' docile accomplices. Society must defend itself:

 justifying war & death penalties!  Arguing otherwise is promoting decadence.


And don't compare the death penalty to abortion.    Because executing the guilty doesn't morally equate to aborting innocent babies.  Though both human;  the guilty deserves society's punishment, even after confessing sins and receiving God's forgiveness. 


The late Cardinal Bernardin's linkage of the death penalty with abortion is from the moral confusion in the Church that also led to a few clergy abusing children.  



 3) Renew the Mind of the Faithful:

     Teach the people how to view the world from God's perspective and not vice-versa: Revive objective learning from the Bible, not the subjective, "this is how I feel..." programs of "Renew" etc.


Teach the people to judge as God judges, for we who will be like those in Revelation 2:26, and Rev.  20. Click on Views Archives


 Many "Modernists" in the Church misled the Laity in the aftermath of Vatican II Council, as the Laity had no thorough knowledge of the Bible.  Many "Catholics" tell me that Church teaching is man-made, in ignorance of the fact that Church teaching (especially those "ex-cathedra") is promulgated in light of God's Word: Scripture. I have been taught that we are to test any teaching by Scripture.  If Scripture is in opposition, then the teaching is without merit.   

(The Catholic Church teaches that the Bible comes from our Tradition as God's People listening to and writing down God's Revelation and inspiration which of course has been tested.   We don't believe in "Solo Scriptoral" as we believe that ignores how the Bible came to be as God's Inspired Word. For example, the teaching of the "Immaculate Conception" the "Assumption" and "Purgatory" is not contra-Biblical, though not implicitly stated in the Bible.  In fairness to our divided Christian Brethren, these teachings are not high in the hierarchy of dogmatic beliefs as they are not mentioned in the Nicene Creed, but like the Creed extrapolated from the Bible.)




Redistributing wealth will not solve the world's economic problems.

The U.S.A. is rich because of the Protestant work ethic combined with Capitalism's Free Markets.  (Though capitalism has pitted Third World workers against First World workers; as international free markets can not exist until the rough parity of pay and benefits exist worldwide)


Only after the Messiah returns and our fallen natures are no more, can we proceed to the next level of economy: "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need." For capitalism's wisdom is in the utilization of our fallen natures to make wealth.


This future economy may work in voluntary religious orders, but cooperation and wealth creation cannot be mandated by controlled economies which tend to use murderous incentives on their workers in "worker paradises, to obey their "enlightened" leadership.  Western Europe is in an economic malaise, because of socialistic policies.   (West Germany only experienced the economic "miracle" when its post-War  government eliminated economic "protections."    Since then Germany has fallen back into more and more government control of money by over taxation and redistribution.


Witness what happened to the Pilgrims when they scrapped their early attempt at socialism.  Only then did they have surplus to share with the Indians and the wherewithal from which to give thanks to God: the First Thanksgiving!

(Wonder why our school textbooks don't teach this?)


So don't preach that certain countries having the lion share of wealth in your periodic attempts to make me feel guilty.  I will give because capitalism has made me a worker relatively well off, not despite of it.   And please don't copy other liberal and untested propaganda like the lie that up to _% of the people is homosexually inclined or other "objective" statistics: such lazy intellectualism and parroting! Wisdom teaches us that 100% of humanity is prone to sin!    Learn to question as the Bible mandates:  test the spirit, question motives & statistics otherwise you will be co-opted by the ungodly in the spreading of their agendas! 


Spread wealth to the Third World by preaching "national free markets, individual initiative, and the ending of support for entitlements and those who lack initiative."


Everyone can be rich if they follow capitalism and the free-markets.

Yes, we still should reform capitalism and its tendencies to over-globalize, yet do so without socialistic micromanagement.

However,  I do acknowlege that firms from the First World do take advantage of the Third World workers.   Also,  many rich families and their firms do consciously manipulate funds, the media, etc to pit all of us against each other - while they profit.   If the anti-trust legislation passed during Teddy Roosevelt's and the "Progressive Era"  was enforced,  we might have a truly competitve capitalistic system.  Instead we have a situation where a few can shift funds and manipulate crisises.


 5) Inspire and don't micro-advise.

Just as John Paul II's visits to Poland inspired Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe to throw off the shackles of Communism, the Pope and the Church did not attempt to micromanage the liberated.  His inspired follower, Lech Walesa, a good man was allowed to fail politically and be replaced by others.   Yet the Pope's ideals are still largely fulfilled. 



"Society is not the government."  Therefore don't teach me that we must have government programs to help "these and those and that I should be taxed without limit."

Jesus told his disciples, "You feed them............"

Do what the Mormons do in Utah.  Utah's state government relies on the Church and not vice-versa.


Say to the governments, "tax our people less, and we promise to ask         our flock to give more to non-governmental charities, for we will feed...."



7) Without personal morality there can be no social morality/justice!

Without heterosexual-married couples raising their children as the norm (not possible in all situations), there can be no society that can be moral and or can make attempts at social justice.


Teenagers-having-children-out-of-wedlock produce poverty. Fornicating lifestyles breed divorce (grass is greener over the fence)when people later marry.   Divorce breeds fatherless families.  Fatherless families breed violence and crime and on-and-on, which breeds environments contrary to social justice. Statistics state so.


Teach girls not to buy into the siren songs of co-dependence promulgated in songs & other media but to judge males by their character, maturity, and dependability, not by personality.   Personalities don't lead godly families.  Teach males godly leadership.




This should be your 2nd main area of competence, after dogmatic teaching, which includes the Nicene Creed, stating that Jesus is THE ONLY SON of God, and that His atoning death makes our eternal happiness possible. Without personal morality, you can never successfully implement social justice.


Marriage is the bedrock of society and your speaking out against "sodomite marriages" is correct.   BUT your hierarchy and clergy and organizations are not quite adept at teaching successfully sexual morality to the flock. 

I have had friends who have told me in shock at Church gatherings upon leaving the Confessional where they just confessed that the priests assured them after the confession of fornication that there was no sin if they loved the girl!   Really, there is love without commitment?      Marriage is commitment!    The Bible explicitly lists many times fornication as a sin that keeps one out of Heaven.    It does not "suggest" the concept.


Your Church bulletins should have printed next to the information on marriage:  "Living together before marriage is mortal sin and those who do have far higher divorce rates than those who wait!"


How many times have we heard sexual morality preached from the pulpit? Ignoring sexual morality as the bedrock of society is to our moral & eternal peril. 

 Your clergy must preach sexual morality often and not wait until the "Lectionary gives an opportunity."   Children who are all exposed early to sexual immorality must have sexual purity preaching in Church and in schools.  Don't wait naively until they are "already," for the media is on prowl for their souls.  

Teach children about the mortal sin of sexual immorality.    (The reaction of the Knights of Columbus to my Sharing on Chastity, at the end of monthly presentations on the Fruits of the Spirit {click on Ultimate Question Page on this website shows desire for such prominent placement of sexual-moral preaching.)  When parents complain about Hell-being-taught-about ("Oh how unkind of a caring God!") tell them to shop at the nearest New Age or mainline Church for such a "caring God" teaching.  Don't sell our Catholic teaching down-the-river in order to keep your-numbers-up-in-registration.  In this way you will both honor the Church's teaching respecting parental control of education while upholding objective orthodox teaching for all parents & their children.


I was very happy that my boy's Religious Education teachers showed us the booklet on "examining conscience."  At least I know now that my boys were taught that fornication is mortal sin, and it was given to them in black-and-white in that booklet.


We are witnessing in the U.S. Episcopalian Church what happens when scriptural adherence to sexual morality is ignored.   They are not suggestions but Commandments (in addition to the Decalogue)!


Since the 1960's we have witnessed generations of the morally ignorant "Catholic" contributing to the moral decline of nations.  Witness the Democrats like Mayor Daley, Senators Durbin and Kennedy educated in Catholic institutions supporting abortion and sodomy.  Many Catholics do not have correctly formed consciences; otherwise "Catholics" would be more successfully free of fornication, abortion, STDs.


We have witnessed since the 1960's many people not overcoming the Third Temptation that Jesus faced in the desert.   The Devil told Jesus,  "Throw yourself down from the top of the Temple for God's angels will save you!"  Jesus said, "Do not tempt the Lord your God."  Yet our people have a very cavalier attitude toward God and His intolerance of sin.  They constantly tempt God in not resisting sin and not learning what sin is.  "Oh well, God loves me, I can do whatever I want!"


Your non-confrontation of personal sexual sin will lead to your eternal peril, as explicitly explained in the Old Testament.


Why is it that the Catholic Church, which should have competency in areas of moral formation, ignores its failure to adequately teach sexual purity to its flock & clergy?  

Yet she embraces those controversies on which she seems to have nothing to add but naive ideas or uniformed, unsupported and wishful opinions.  

Hence, in closing to the Church:


Return to your core competencies of objective and Biblical moral formation and dogmatic teaching and evangelization.

Only when you can successfully convert your flocks back to personal morality should you then attempt to preach to their cultures "social justice" and

-only then preach with openness to empirical data that shows "capitalist free markets" are the best economic method until the Second Coming.

-only then preach while respecting the wars that national government wage against those who oppress the innocent.

-only then preach while respecting local governments that use the death penalty to punish those guilty of heinous crimes.

Anything else is decadence.


When you return to you main competencies, social justice will follow.  Don't put the cart before the horse.


Finally, the institutional Church needs to apologize to orthodox Catholics who have been shunned by those in authority as non-progressive and unworthy of participation in activities such as in teaching religious education and in lay leadership. 

 You have hated their questioning of what goes on in the Church, and your treatment of them is your attempt at ignoring your failures and complicity in unnecessary and possible schisms. 

We know Satan loves to divide.  Don't encourage schisms as the Catholic Church did when it allowed ignored its main missions and allowed corruption and decadence to flourish at Martin Luther's time.


Although Jesus stated to the religious authorities that God could raise stones to praise Him in the stead of His Chosen, He prayed for unity of His Followers.  But this unity must be based on the truth.  This truth can never fully known by us fallen yet us redeemed.

But it can be strived for!   Return to your core Missions.   Repent, be healed and be renewed!  Then your lamp will shine for all to see and they will give glory to God!


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